Progeny Diabolic, is the team of dedicated and talented individuals who manage and oversee the various communities in Second Life that make up the "Progeny Community". Diabolics are chosen for their dedication and loyalty to the system in addition to various skills each brings to the team.

Progeny: Vampire is the first gaming supplement developed and released by Grave Designs. Progeny: Vampire seeks to be the best simulation of being a real vampire within the context of second life. Progeny Vampire is an invitation only system. In order to join our community, you must be invited by an existing member.

Progeny: Therian is an upcoming addition to the Progeny System. This new aspects, allows players to RP as a Therianthrope, a shape shifter who is able to assume a wild beast form. Therians are similar, yet quite different from Vampires. Vampires and Therians can interact, will they be friend or foe?